Epidūrinio modeliavimo rinkinys su CompuFlo

  • Epidūrinio modeliavimo rinkinys su CompuFlo

    Kodas: 3B Scientific 8000949
    Kaina 1205320  su PVM

    Prekę turime sandėlyje. Užsakius ir apmokėjus šiandien iki 14 val., pristatytume kitą darbo dieną. 

    Šiuo metu prekės nėra sandėlyje. Numatomas pristatymo laikas nurodytas žemiau.

    Pateikus užsakymą, susisieksime su Jumis ir informuosime apie tikslų numatomą užsakymo pristatymo laiką. 

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    Pristatymo laikas
    3-6 savaitės

    Informacija apie prekę
    Prekės kodas 8000949 [3012710]
    3B Scientific

    Epidural Simulation Kit with CompuFlo

    The Epidural Simulation Kit with CompuFlo is designed to provide the highest level of realism to your simulation trainings.

    Thanks to close cooperation with epidural anesthesia specialists, incomparably realistic conditions could be recreated. The light, compact structure can be used in a wide variety of ways. The Epidural Training Simulator has low operating costs and is intuitive to use, ensuring lasting, high-level performance.

    The CompuFlo Epidural Trainer links trainee tacticle feel with visual and audible confirmation of pressure changes to verify the epidural space and reduce the number of attempts—building confidence and speeding the procedure’s learning curve. For instructors overseeing training, CompuFlo allows them to—for the first time—monitor every aspect of needle movement via audible sound and visual display for more objective feedback and guidance. Procedures are also documented and stored for educational review and assurance.