Sisteminė panelė kartu su tinklo laidu

  • Sisteminė panelė kartu su tinklo laidu

    Kodas: CMA 0020
    Kaina 44468  su PVM

    Prekę turime sandėlyje. Užsakius ir apmokėjus šiandien iki 14 val., pristatytume kitą darbo dieną. 

    Šiuo metu prekės nėra sandėlyje. Numatomas pristatymo laikas nurodytas žemiau.

    Pateikus užsakymą, susisieksime su Jumis ir informuosime apie tikslų numatomą užsakymo pristatymo laiką. 

    Į krepšelį 
    Pristatymo laikas
    3-6 savaitės
  • System Board

    The System Board is designed for logic, measurement, control and automation practicals. Students use the System Board to design and test their self-built automated systems. They get acquainted with digitizing analog signals, processing digital signals and using signals to control actuators. The System Board is powered via an external AC power adapter (230V/9V) which is delivered together with the board.
    The elements of the System Board are grouped into three sections:

    • The Input section (‘Invoer’) is the subsystem which gathers data from the environment and conditions the signal S1 (which carries the data) to make it suitable for processing. The input section consists of two general sensor inputs, a sound sensor, two push buttons, a variable voltage, a pulse generator and an AD-converter..

    • The Processing section (‘Verwerking’) is the subsystem which processes the signal S2 to achieve a specific system goal. This section consists of two comparators for processing analog signals and for processing digital signals, two AND ports, an OFF port, two invertors, a memory cell and a pulse counter..

    • The Output section (‘Uitvoer’) is the subsystem which presents the processed data S3 in a useful form for the user or which carries out an action based on the signals. This section consists of four LEDs, a buzzer and relay.

    Please note that Temperaturesensor 0511 cannot be connected to the System Board.

    More technical specifications about the System Board you can find in its User's Guide.

    Download systeembord drawing.