Vamzdelių indukcijai matuoti rinkinys

  • Vamzdelių indukcijai matuoti rinkinys

    Kodas: CMA 081
    Kaina 14339 su PVM

    Prekę turime sandėlyje. Užsakius ir apmokėjus šiandien iki 14 val., pristatytume kitą darbo dieną. 

    Šiuo metu prekės nėra sandėlyje. Numatomas pristatymo laikas nurodytas žemiau.

    Pateikus užsakymą, susisieksime su Jumis ir informuosime apie tikslų numatomą užsakymo pristatymo laiką. 

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    Pristatymo laikas
    3-6 savaitės
  • Set of Induction Tubes

    The CMA Set of Induction Tubes consists of a transparent plastic tube with coils, an aluminum tube with coils, and set of small magnets. The tubes are of 1-m long and have 6 similar induction coils located at exactly the same positions on both tubes. Coils are connected to each other in series. When a magnet (included) is dropped in a tube, a voltage is induced in coils as it passes through. This induced voltage can be measured via two 4-mm sockets.

    The tubes can be used in a number of experiments, for example:
    • To measure the induced voltage due to the motion of a magnet falling through a tube.
    • To determine the change of magnetic flux in coils during the magnet's fall.
    • To investigate the relation between induced in coils emf and the speed of the magnet.
    • To determine the distance between the poles of the magnet.
    • To illustrate magnetic braking.
    • To investigate the terminal velocity of the magnet falling through the aluminium tube.

    Set of Induction Tubes Info.